Typical Schedules

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Typical Extended Day (2:50-6:00) Schedule
3:50-3:30          Outside Time/Snack (provided by After-School)
3:30-3:45          Community Time/Meeting
3:45-4:30          Activity Time (children are grouped by K-1, 2-3, 4-5 grades and have
                           a variety of creative activities to choose from:  art, drama, crafts,
                           sports, reading/writing, etc.)
4:30-5:15          Homework Time, Grades 2-up
4:30-5:30          Free Time/Gym Time
5:30-6:00          Clean Up/Dismissal

Typical Wednesday (12:20-6:00) Schedule
12:20-12:50     Lunch
12:50-1:30       Outside Time
1:30-5:00         Weekly Field Trip for Grades 4-5
1:30-2:00         Reading Time, Grades K-3
2:00-3:00         Clubs (examples:  Pottery, Penpals, Cartooning, Tennis)
3:00-3:30         Outside/Snack (provided by After-School)
3:30-3:45         Community Time/Meeting
3:45-4:30         Activity Choices
4:30-5:15         Homework, Grades 2-up
4:30-5:40         Free Time/Gym Time
5:40-6:00         Clean Up/Dismissal



In addition to this typical schedule, there will also be several field trips for all grades, special events and After-School traditions to celebrate! Laughing