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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does my child do all day at After-School?

A. So much is happening at After-School every day! Check out our daily schedules and calendar,

both found under the 'What's Happening?' menu tab.


Q. Do I need to provide snacks for my child? What about meals?

A. After-School provides two snacks each day, but you may choose

to pack extra snacks for your child. On Wednesdays, students eat lunch at After-School and may

bring a meal from home, or get lunch from the school cafeteria.

Q. Anything else I should provide for my child while they're at After-School?

A. We recommend that your child keeps a change of clothes with us, in case of any

accidents during the day.

Q. When does enrollment for the next school year open up?

A. Enrollment opens in the spring. Reach out to Donna at

for more information.


Q. After-School is too awesome and too popular! How do I get on the waitlist?

A. Email Donna at

Don't see your question? Email Donna ( or

Lindsey (

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