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February and April
Vacation Programs

Each February and April, we hold a Tuesday-Friday full-day vacation program for our After-School families. Each vacation program has its own theme and includes special events and activities, field trips, and lunch. Students can be enrolled for all four days, some days, or just one.

Enrollment for vacation programs is announced the month prior to the program.

Check back here for any updates!


Past Program:
Layers of Life

April 2023

For this vacation program, we explored every layer of our world: from the deep sea, to the land and sky, and all the way into outer space! We went to the aquarium, made kites, and brought a planetarium to the program to learn about the night sky!


Past Program:
Stories Come to Life

February 2023

During our February program, we read fairy tales, picture books, comic books, and series books! We made our own superhero capes, saw a play, had a visit from a local comic book artist and did fun activities based on our favorite tales! 


Past Program:
The Four Seasons

April 2022

We celebrated the best activities that each season has to offer! We visited a local farm and learned about the development of a chicken, tie dyed t-shirts, rode horses and ate pumpkin pie, and went ice skating!

Past Program:
The 5 Senses

February 2022

During our February program, we tapped into all our senses and participated in a LEGO build challenge, made our own sushi and candles, took an American Sign Language class, and went on a visual scavenger hunt!

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